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Estate Planning: 3 Reasons We Run the Other Way

We understand that it seems difficult to get around to estate planning. It sounds about as fun as getting a root canal. However, we also understand that everyone wants to make sure that loved ones are protected and receive our hard-earned assets, regardless of whether we have $10 million or $10,000.

Don’t let these common roadblocks stop you from protecting you and your family:

1. Who Wants to Talk About Death? Discussions of death, dying, illness, money and family make many people uncomfortable. That’s normal, but don’t let a few minutes of feeling uncomfortable stop you from taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Our office setting is a comfortable environment in which to have these discussions.

2. This Isn’t a Good Time. Everyone is busy. There’s never going to be a better time than now. The first step is calling our office or visiting our website ( to schedule an initial consultation. Once we’ve had a chance to talk about your goals, we will guide you through the rest of the process to complete your plan.

3. I Don’t Get It. Estate planning is documented in legal papers; finances are discussed; the law is analyzed. It’s common to feel uncomfortable in a world that’s unfamiliar. If that’s what you are thinking, you are not alone. We will translate complex legal concepts into everyday terms so you understand and have a high level of comfort.

The truth is that estate planning isn’t difficult when you have the right help. The only thing standing in the way is making the first call or scheduling the first meeting. In fact, with our help, estate planning is easy. We’ll chat with you about your goals and concerns, analyze your family and financial situation, and work with you to come up with an ideal plan. You provide the information, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Call (319-400-8488) today or visit us online ( to get a meeting scheduled.

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