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Be the superhero your family deserves!

If you’re anything like I was prior to having an estate plan, you occasionally think about the need for a plan. Then something happens (e.g., the death of a family member, a car accident) or there’s an upcoming event (e.g., child on the way, upcoming trip with a flight) that increases pressure to the point where you feel the need to take action.

Before I became an estate planning attorney, it took an upcoming trip to prompt me to put my plan in place. Now that I understand the great importance of proper estate planning, I know I shouldn’t have waited. Don’t wait for a frightening event to complete your plan. Doing so will result in more complexity and higher costs if you become incapacitated or pass away. And far too often, I see it result in family conflict.

My goal is to remove the uncertainty around the estate planning process, so that it doesn’t take a frightening event or situation to start the planning. The first step is simple! Call my office at (319) 400-8488 or pick a time on my online calendar to set up a free initial consultation. During the consultation, I’ll gather some information from you, describe the simple process, make a recommendation and provide you with a price.

Your spouse and children will view you as their superhero. A superhero that has planned properly to maintain family harmony and minimize costs.

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